I took another trip to Honduras in 2016. We truly are making a difference to the lives of the people there and they certainly have a positive impact on our lives.  I’m glad I did it. Read an account of it here:

Honduras 2016

In January 2015, with the help of Rotary, The Color of Water found out we had funded a water well for a small village in Uganda! The funding includes training in maintenance of the well, spare parts and training in sanitation. Read more about it here:

Good news in Uganda

The Color of Water is grateful for the selfless work of these leaders who are improving the quality of life for so many people around the world.

Dependence on water is common to every living thing on Earth.

In developing countries, if it is no longer necessary to spend hours collecting water, time is freed up so that children can go to school and adults can engage in more productive activities.  It saves money that otherwise would be spent on medicines used to treat water borne diseases.  Having adequate water allows crops to be grown in otherwise arid land.

Honduras Trip, spring 2009