Thanks to very special friends:

  • Maurie Allen at the Captain’s Quarters, downtown Traverse City
  • Verna Bartnick, Bella Galleria, Old Mission Tavern, Old Mission Peninsula
  • Dr. Allen Hoeft, Ret.
  • Kathy Nickols

These kind folks have Color of Water merchandise for sale and are giving all the money back to The Color of Water to be distributed to worthy water projects.

Jim Bonney

Totally independently and virtually simultaneously Jim and I began our water initiatives — Jim, in Boston, Massachusetts and I, in Traverse City, Michigan. Jim, a composer, wrote the following 5 sketches for concert band.

We hope to post links to the music soon. The entire piece was recorded by a (very high level) junior high concert band.

I invite you to click on the link below each of Jim’s program notes to hear the entire piece as recorded by a very high level junior high concert band.

ECHOES OF SUN AND ICE – “I used a jagged melodic line with large intervals and open quartal harmony to musically recreate the grandeur of a glacier-topped mountain range — the big, bombastic brass and percussion probably helps too. My inspiration came from a ski trip in the Canadian Rockies.”  Listen here.

MOON OVER TWILIGHT LAKE – “The basis of this melody came from an early piece I wrote for bass clarinet, ‘cello, and marimba. I’ve always liked the tune, and I thought its folk simplicity and melancholy tone would fit well with this collection. This piece always reminds me of a very placid mountain lake near Aspen, Colorado… but the actual Twilight Lake only exists in my imagination.”  Listen here.

RAINDROPS HANG FROM A SPIDER’S WEB – “When it came time to create this collection, this was the first sketch I started, and the last one I finished. It wasn’t that the process took a long time, it was that every iteration just wasn’t quite right — I knew what I wanted to achieve, but it took a while to quiet my mind so that I could hear it. Nature will always reveal its elegant, intricate, yet simple patterns to anyone who takes the time to notice.”  Learn more.
(The tryptic on the poster was inspired by the intimate calm of this piece, by the balance of nature and by raindrops hanging from a spider’s web.)

CAST ADRIFT ON A STORMY SEA – “My dad is a sailor.  So is my uncle, and my grandfather… I suspect you could trace it even further back in my bloodline. When it came to writing a collection of pieces revolving around water themes, there was no question that one of them had to involve a respectful homage to the awesome power of the ocean.”  Listen here.

REFLECTIONS IN A TIDAL POOL – “I wrote this while I was staying on the beach of a small island in Mexico – every morning I’d write for a few hours before the day’s adventures began. Writing this became my oasis of introspection; a meditative moment to listen to the waves on the shore, smell the fresh sea breeze that moved through the diaphanous curtains, and feel the rise and fall of my breath.”  Listen here.

If you are interested in the score, contact Jim Bonney at jimbonney at (the spam statement).  For the 26 “ x  16 “ poster, contact bonney.joan at (the spam statement).

For more of Jim music visit